Public Education Defense Fund, Inc. announces opposition to Amendment One

Potential funding cuts to public education, local fire and police protection, spark opposition to this dangerous proposal.

Tallahassee, FL, December 17, 2007:  The Public Education Defense Fund, Inc., (PEDF) today announced its intent to aggressively oppose the property tax reform amendment known as Amendment One, which is to be voted on as part of the January 29, 2008, primary election.  The Public Education Defense Fund is a ballot initiative committee aligned with the Florida Education Association (FEA) and other supporters of public education.


“Despite the promises of the Governor and other legislative leaders to hold education harmless, passage of this dangerous proposal would mean a $2.75 billion cut to public education,” said Bill Phillips, spokesman for the PEDF. 


The Public Education Defense Fund will work at a grass-roots level to educate and inform voters about the impacts and consequences of this proposed constitutional amendment.


“In addition to the $2.75 billion hole this scheme would blow in the education budget, other critical services will be threatened, as well, including local police and fire services”, said Phillips.


“In return for compromising these critical public services, the average homeowner would get back less than the cost of two movie tickets a month.  That’s a deal no voter can afford.”


Most estimates indicate that the average homeowner would save approximately $20 per month should this proposal pass with the required 60% of the vote.


The Public Education Defense Fund intends to also talk with the public about the core priorities of quality public schools: small class sizes, closing achievement gaps, reducing the drop-out rate and improving salaries for all educators.


“We will work hard to communicate that this proposal is just the latest in a series of attacks on public schools, like the private school voucher schemes and attempts to repeal the class size amendment.  We know the investments required for great public schools, and we are convinced that a majority of Florida’s citizens support great public schools”, said Phillips. 


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Andy Ford, President

Florida Education Association


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